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A Wedding Proposal at Reef Villa & Spa, Sri Lanka

on Thursday, 15 March 2018.

Wedding ProposalManjit and I wanted to thank you for two most wonderful evenings in your beautiful restaurant.  I wanted to propose to Manjit in a special place on our trip to Sri Lanka and the pressure was on! Prior to our holiday she had insisted that it must be a memorable and special experience for her, something for us to treasure for the rest of our lives. Not one for planning, I was a little nervous especially as many times over the years Manjit reminded me of her desire for me to make the proposal special, whenever it would be.  

After some research, I picked Summer Breeze at Reef Villa as the venue but was uncertain if I would do the proposal on the night but am so glad that I brought the ring with me that evening. Manjit kept remarking on the authentic decor and ambience of the hotel and restaurant, examining the artefacts and being of Indian heritage, she appreciated the attention to detail. It seemed to me that the summer breeze was the natural venue for me to ask her to be my wife!

I’m pleased to say that for both of us it was an almighty success. We’ve visited many places all over the world but your restaurant was uniquely different. It was one our most memorable and finest dining experiences ever! All set in the most perfect and idyllic surroundings.

Summer Breeze is truly exceptional and we are grateful to you and your staff whose attentiveness and expertise in their work added to our experience. Without doubt we will be returning to stay in your hotel and enjoy more nights dining in your first class restaurant.

We would  like to thank you all again for making our evenings with you so perfect and memorable in every respect.  

We’ve still not stopped talking about it.